GST Fascilitation cell :

» Provides GST related facilities to micro, small & medium enterprises. For details please contact:

Sh. Satpal

Asstt. Director

MSME DI Karnal

Ph-: 9034266600

Technical Consultancy Services :

» To provide model project profiles, feasibility reports, technical bulletins, information on technology etc. Though the stress is on items reserved for MSMEs, but of late project profile for High Tech. items & new items which have potential for growth & development are given priority.

» To prepare specialized and tailor made project reports on request to meet requirement of any particular entrepreneur/enterprise keeping in view his qualifications, interest and financial position. The fee is charged as per rules.

» To provide technical advice on proper selection of machinery & equipment, processes and techniques of manufacture, appropriate raw material etc.

» To scrutinise & appraise projects from techno-economic viability angles. Also recommendations for working capital requirement are made based on the proposals referred to by the banks/financial institutions. The consultancy fee is charged as per rules.

Economic Information Services :

» Assistance to entrepreneurs to select suitable products having potential/scope in the area.
» Information regarding various incentives and facilities available to the entrepreneurs in the State of Haryana under different govt. schemes.

» Market surveys are conducted to measure the demand & supply gap of various products. Such surveys are also conducted at the requests of entrepreneurs on nominal charges.

Marketing Assistance to MSMEs

» To guide and assist in marketing of their products nationally & internationally.

» To help the units to register with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) for participation in the government stores purchase program (GSPP).

» To recommend issue of competency certificate to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises for participating in GSPP.

Technology Upgradation & Modernisation Programme:

» Undertake cluster studies, In-plant studies with respect to industries for modernization, improvement in the productivity, technology, testing, quality control, management etc.

» Conduct seminars/workshops/clinics to focus on the up-gradation of technology in the MSMEs as a result of above studies and otherwise.

Quality Upgradation Programme:

» MSME-DI, Karnal renders consultancy/support services to interested units in obtaining BIS/ISO certification.

» Conducts awareness programmes on quality, technology, systems upgradation and its benefits.

Vendor Development Programme :

» To identify individual items in consultation with the large scale establishments for the purpose of development of vendors.

» To liaison with the PSUs for development of vendors.

Other Activities :

» Conduct intensive entrepreneurial motivational campaigns in collaboration with other industrial development agencies, motivate people for self employment.

» Conduct seminars and workshops in collaboration with industry associations, chambers & other developmental/promotional institutions & NGOs.

» In MSME-DI, Karnal officers of following trades are available to guide the new/prospective entrepreneurs on techno-managerial parameters of viable projects. Existing entrepreneurs are also guided on technology upgradation, new developments etc. Z

» Mechanical related industries

» Chemical & plastics related industries

» Food items related industries

» Metallurgical items related industries

» Electrical/Electronics related industries

» Economic Investigations

» Glass and Ceramic related industries

» Industrial management & Training

Common Facility Workshop at Bhiwani:

» Provides common workshop facilities to micro, small & medium enterprises. The workshop is equipped with Grinding Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinder, Milling Machine, Lathe Machine etc.

» Skill development training to sponsored workers of micro, small & medium enterprises & to individual (Educated & Qualified Personnel) candidates in the workshop. The workshop is providing job work services to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.